Your Name Saves

One organ donor saves many lives. Your name is a testament to it—-because hidden within your name, are the names of other people. And when you register that name, your name literally saves lives.

At anyone could type in their name and find their friends' names hidden within their own. When they shared, the site automatically tagged their friends. Registrations on the site have saved and healed over 20k people. The campaign was praised by the Obama administration and reached 10.2 million on social media with a media budget of $0. People who visited the site were 300% more likely to register as a donor than the client's standard organ donate site, helping make 2016/17 the most successful in the client's history.

2017 Cannes Silver, OOH (3)
2017 Cannes Silver, Promo
2017 Cannes Silver, Promo
2017 Cannes Bronze, Direct
2017 Cannes Bronze, Direct
2017 Cannes Shortlist, Digital Craft
2017 Cannes Shortlist, Media
2017 Cannes Shortlist, Cyber
2017 Cannes Shortlist, OOH(3)
2017 One Show, Silver, Print (2)
2017 One Show, Bronze, OOH (2)
2017 One Show, Shortlist, Interactive
2017 One Show, Shortlist, Direct Web
2017 One Show, Shortlist, Direct Social
2017 One Show, Shortlist, Mobile
2017 One Show, Shortlist, Art Direction
2017 One Show, Shortlist, Typography
2017 LIA, Gold, Health
2017 LIA, Bronze, Non Traditional
2017 LIA, Bronze, Digital Craft
2017 LIA, Bronze, Digital Non-Profit
2017 LIA, Bronze, Typography
2017 Clios, Silver, Health Direct
2017 Clios, Silver, Health Mobile
2017 Clios, Silver, Health Social
2017 Clios, Bronze, Health Website
2017 Clios, Shortlist, Direct: Social
2017 Clios, Shortlist, Direct: Digital
2017 Facebook Award Winner
2017 CommArts Award Winner
2017 ANDY, Bronze, Print (2)
2017 ADC, Shortlist, Digital
2017 AAA, Grand Prix, Print (2)
2017 AAA, Gold, Print (2)
2017 AAA, Silver, Interactive (2)
2016 Clios Gold, Health Print (2)
2016 Clios Silver, Print (2)
2016 Clios Bronze, Outdoor (2)
2016 Clios Shortlist, Print Craft (2)
2016 LIA Silver, Print (2)
2016 LIA Bronze, Print Craft (2)
2016 Epica Gold, Health Print (2)
2016 Epica Bronze, Print Craft (2)
2016 Luerzer's Archive (2)
2016 Gunn Report, 2nd Most Awarded Print in USA
2016 Cannes Shortlist, Health Print (2)
2016 Cannes Shortlist, Health Craft (2)
2016 Cannes Shortlist, Print (2)
Campaign Impact


Total people saved or healed


Increased rate of registration


Resulting cost to save/heal one life in campaign


Social media impressions


Year-over-year increase in registrations


Most successful registration year to date



People could type in their names and see their Facebook friends’ names hidden within their own. The site automatically tagged their friends when they shared.

Since people had already Facebook Connected, almost all of their registration info was prefilled, meaning the donor almost just had to press Submit.

People could also generate an email signature that hyperlinked the names in their name to the campaign website.


We 3D printed 3cm letters and photographed each name. We also photographed each letter separately to create a unique typeface.


We created thousands of personal invitations to spread the word to journalists, politicians, celebrities, social media influencers.


We created an internal campaign app that let us generate thousands of campaign images at once. Since we were working on a tight budget, we coded the entire app in-house.