Arctic Home

Arctic Home is a campaign that inspired people to donate to WWF to build an Arctic refuge for the polar bear, a Coca-Cola icon. It was the largest integrated campaign Coke had ever made. Before Buena was launched in 2016, Doug Burnett, Buena's founder, helped in creating the campaign. We turned red cans white, created a virtual Arctic replica and sold plots, built an app that spread awareness by starting snowball fights, and created dozens of touchpoints with the consumer.

2013 Webby Gold
2012 One Show Gold
2012 New York Festivals Silver
2012 Epica Bronze
2012 How Design Winner
2012 FWA Winner
2012 Young Guns Finalist (2)
2012 OMMA Finalist
2012 FAB Finalist
2012 Halo Awards Gold
2012 National ADDY Gold
2011 Leo Awards Best of Show
Campaign Impact


Return on investment (increased sales + earned media value)


Individual cash donations


Coca-Cola donations


Increase in Coke bottles sold compared to previous year


Earn media value


Media impressions (paid + earned)


Coke moved from 15th to 3rd most loved brand in Harris Poll


Snowball Effect was a key piece of the campaign. It let people take part while doing something they already love—playing games with friends. The more people played, the more they learned and spread the word. Coke said this was the most successful retail partnership in their history, raising sales by 20%. We designed the full app and motion graphics in-house.


To bring the message to people in a non-traditional way, we created a unique app, one that exists on your phone’s interactive wallpaper.

Apple I-AD

We brought the Arctic to people in an iAd. People could move their phone around to explore the Arctic.